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Brace yourself for a riveting saga of valor, mystery, and treachery. Following the heroic deeds of Superior and his comrades in rescuing the Silverline District from impending catastrophe, Karma emerges to reestablish equilibrium in the world. However, as malevolent forces converge to annihilate the newfound savior of Capital City, the peril escalates to unprecedented heights.

Joining Superior in his crusade for justice is Sebastian Storm, illuminating the genesis of his extraordinary abilities. Together, they must untangle a complex web of deception and betrayal that threatens to shatter the city.

Simultaneously, Johnny Gunns and Moon Talon collaborate to reveal the enigmatic purchaser of the N9 T5, a weapon of unfathomable might. As they probe deeper into the abyss, they discover a conspiracy that extends far beyond their wildest conjectures.

Lurking in the shadows is The Herald, a clandestine figure manipulating the city's most influential individuals. His identity and motives remain shrouded in mystery, with revelations potentially more startling than anyone could ever foresee.

Prepare for an indelible expedition into the abyss as Superior and his allies battle to liberate Capital City from its internal tormentors. This is a narrative you simply cannot afford to overlook.

Superior Phalanx - Issue 4 - The Laws of Karma

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